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Each Zenith wheel is hand-built in Singapore by our BuiltWheels, the best wheelbuilders in Singapore. Every spoke is prepped, laced, and trued to exacting precision. Spoke tensions are even, and the wheel undergoes multiple rounds of tuning and destressing to ensure reliable service. Swipe right in our gallery to see the build process!



With a 50mm deep, 28mm-wide profile for rapid aerodynamic performance, the Zenith will help you ride faster and longer for the same effort. The Zenith is best paired with a 25mm tire, but 28mm tires are fine too. With Sapim CX-Ray spokes for the lightest weight and best fatigue life, you'll be speeding ahead in no time.


UCI Certified

Our Hubsmith variants (Caliper/Disc) brakes have been sent for, and received UCI certification for use in road races.



Our wheels have won medals in local and international Road races, Triathlons, and even the SEA Games.




Rims: High-modulus, Ultralight Carbon Fiber construction. 28mm wide toroidal rim shape for optimal aerodynamics. 50mm depth, 18mm internal width, Tubeless Ready (comes with Tubeless tape applied)

Braking surface: Basalt braking surface (for caliper brake)

Spokes: 20 Front, 24 Rear (Caliper). 24 Front, 24 Rear (Disc)
Sapim CX Ray Ultralight spokes

Spoke nipples: Sapim alloy nipples

Weight: 1400g (Hubsmith Caliper). 1550g (Hubsmith Disc)


3-Year Limited Warranty

All Zenith Elite wheels are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of THREE (3) YEARS from the date of original retail purchase when installed properly and used for on-road riding. This warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable.


Lifetime Stuff Happens Policy (original owners only)

You ride hard, and sometimes, stuff happens. We've got your back.

If your wheel experiences damage under any circumstance not covered by our warranty, the price of a replacement Ascent wheel is 25% off the current retail price. Please note that this does not include freight, taxes/VAT or the cost of other replacement parts.


Worldwide Care Package

For our customers worldwide, we will provide extra spokes and bearings with the set of wheels in order to minimize downtime in the unlikely event of a spoke or bearing failure. The wheels should be fixed by a certified bike mechanic.


We encourage our global customers to resolve minor issues such as wheel truing locally if they are able to, as this minimizes downtime and transport risk.


If you wish to ship the product back to us for a claim, please show us photos of the affected areas first. Often, the problem is relatively minor and can be rectified locally.


Warranty Shipping (International Orders)

The customer will send the package to Ascent Bikes, and bear the initial cost of shipment. We will examine the wheels upon receipt, and if the item is found to be covered under the Warranty, we will refund the cost of shipping, subject to the maximum amount paid during the initial purchase, and bear the cost of shipping the product back to the customer.


If the damage or defect is not covered by Warranty, the customer will have to bear all shipping costs, including the return shipping cost back to the customer. The return shipping cost will be limited to the cost initially paid by the customer. We will only dispatch the wheels upon full receipt of the return shipping costs.


Limitations on Warranty

The warranty does not include damage caused by crashes, impact damage, transportation, abuse or if it is subjected to loads in excess of its design limits.


The warranty does not apply if the product has been modified.


The warranty does not apply if the serial numbers of the rims or hubs have been defaced or deliberately removed.


This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. Wear and tear parts are subject to damage as a result of normal use, failure to service and/or riding or installation in conditions or applications other than recommended.


The warranty does not apply if improper brake pads (for alloy rims) have been used, as those pads can damage the braking surface.