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The Why

Our Why is simple.
To get people excited to ride bikes and educate them adequately to help them decide what's best for their cycling needs based on what we've learned over the last decade of riding bicycles. 
Being cyclists ourselves, we understand your needs well, as at some point, we've all faced what you're facing today, therefore our recommendations stem from experience and our product mix is curated carefully with your cycling needs in mind. 

​We believe cycling should be fun, exciting, creative,
an extension of the rider's personality, a healthy lifestyle, and everything that a cyclist wants it to be. 
​We're not entirely about suffering, although that is a part of the sport. 
We're all about riding bikes and having fun. 
It's because we're serious about our passion for riding bikes 
but very importantly don't take ourselves too seriously. 

Moreover, we find this to be deeply fulfilling and meaningful work. 



In 2006, a 12-year-old Prateek found himself deep in the woods on a borrowed 
Mountain bike somewhere in the Himalayas. 

Since that moment, he’s been dedicated to riding his bicycle and sharing his love for the sport with those around him. 


From founding and being Editor in chief of a Mountain Bike Magazine, leading tours, and directing races, he spent all of his early years behind the bars of a bicycle. 

In 2017, he visited Hanoi and immediately loved its topography and culture. 


Initially intending to stay for a month and ride his mountain bike, he actually got himself a job at a local bicycle shop as general manager in order to be able to hang around and share his love for the sport with others around him. 
Shortly after, he met Phuong, (who is now his wife) and decided to settle down in Hanoi. 

Bringing an education-first approach to the cyclists of Hanoi, aims to cater to both the beginner cyclist curious about the sport as well as the discerning cyclist looking to further improve their cycling experience. 

We vehemently believe that a bike shop is a “Gateway to the Sport” and therefore strive to curate the best possible experience one can have when they swing by our store. is nestled in the Northern Tip of Tay Ho and overlooks the glorious Hanoi skyline and is ideal for pre/post-ride stops for cyclists. 

The new and coming up ridebikes cycling club aims to inculcate a culture of fun, and camaraderie and blur the lines between local-only and expat-focused cycling clubs. 

We’ve seen countless individuals over the last four years start cycling in Hanoi and soon have their lives revolving around the sport. This has to do with how accessible cycling can be around here thanks to Hanoi’s topography. 

A bicycle is the purest form of freedom and an undeniable fitness machine. It's an asset to anyone who owns one.

Every curious customer deserves to have their needs deeply understood and then be thoroughly educated in order to be able to make a well-informed decision, at every step of their cycling journey. 


Seeing someone new embrace the sport and enjoy their journey into cycling is what makes us go giddy inside.


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