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Find your Edge - Cycling GPS computers

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

A GPS-enabled head unit or cycling computer allows you to monitor and record your cycling data from your sensors in order to better understand your fitness and pace out your efforts. It allows you to understand where you stand in terms of overall form and check your fitness gains in real-time. Starting @ only 5,000,000 VND, Garmin’s Edge series provides more metrics than any enthusiast could ask for.

Our favorite Edge feature is incident detection, which alerts your emergency contacts once it detects that you’ve been in a mishap as well as Strava Live segments that help you push your limits and get that Personal Best. If you’re keen to learn which Edge is best for you, it’s best to come in and speak with us about your expectations from the sport of cycling and we’ll let you know which Edge device will be most ideal for your needs.

Garmin Edge 130 Plus

In short: For the rider that wants a compact unit that doesn't shy on performance but won't leave you feeling short-changed. Price: 5,000,000 VND (Device only) Weight: 33g Battery Life: Up to 12 Hours

Reasons to Buy

+Small size looks great out the front of a bike, feature-packed for its size and price.

Reasons to Avoid

- Screen maybe too small if you like 10 data fields always in view.

- No detailed maps for navigation (Only line maps)

Like the 130, the 130 Plus is a miniature powerhouse, featuring much of the same performance-pushing features, but the Plus now gets

Climb Pro; software that gives you detailed information on upcoming ascents. It pulls the information from your routing which can now sync seamlessly to the 130 Plus from Strava or Komoot.

Garmin has also added an accelerometer to the 130 Plus, which enables incident detection as well as a host of new mountain biking jump metrics.

As well as being able to show you jump length and hang time, the 130 Plus will now also give you Grit and Flow ratings for your trail riding along with Advanced Workouts and Performance Monitoring.

Garmin Edge 530

In short:

For the serious rider that wants all the features but does not mind using buttons instead of a touchscreen. Price:

Unit only: 7.690.000 VND

Sensor Bundle: 9.990.000 VND

Weight: 75.8g

Battery Life: Up to 20 hours


+Intuitive to use

+Access to as much data as you could ever need

+Customizable thanks to Connect IQ


-Size/tactility of buttons-Lack of in-depth navigational features

It's the highest-ranking Garmin 5 series computer, bringing it closest out of the range to the Edge 8 and 10 devices.

Visually, the Edge 530 is very similar to the Edge 830, now exactly the same dimensions, albeit with the addition of side-mounted buttons, and the screen is also the biggest of the 5 series at 2.6", again mirroring the 830.

With all the features of the other Edge 5 series, the 530 also boasts advanced navigational features. with Strava Routes and Komoot preinstalled, you can even upload gaming apps and customized analog data screens should you wish, which of course are strictly to be used when recovering off the bike.

Performance features include a myriad of training metrics and stats, with assistance to decipher them to plan training and progress riding, ClimbPro, and even the ability to set nutrition and hydration alerts throughout a ride.

As expected, there's a wealth of compatibility with the Edge 530, including power meters, smart trainer controls, specific mountain bike features, and a variety of associated remote controls, e.g the Verb camera and Varia light system.

Its battery life comes in at about 20 hours and it uses GPS and GLONASS satellites.

Garmin Edge 830

In short:

A lightweight data gathering performance enhancer with a user-friendly sat-nav


Unit Only: 9.990.000

Sensor Bundle: 12.590.000 VND

Weight: 79.1g

Battery Life: Up to 20 hours.


+Touchscreen works well

+Good size

+Good screen


-Sweat or water on the screen can be a hindrance to flawless interaction with the touchscreen

The latest in the 800 series and by far the best. Garmin has worked hard to ensure any niggles with the previous touch screens and processing speed have been ironed out and the result is an easy-to-use, lightweight unit that packs a lot into its compact casing.

Like the previous generation Edge 820, the Edge 830 is a great training tool, when teamed with Garmin Connect and a power meter, can calculate metrics like V02 Max, FTP, recovery, Training Load, nutrition, hydration with the list going on and on.

Mapping is a breeze to navigate with all the expected information displayed on the high-res color screen. The computer allows you to define specific bikes with each profile allowing several data screens, which are all customizable with Connect IQ.

There is a wealth of features and connectivity on the Edge 830, everything from Group Livetrack, incident detection, smartphone connection, physiological measurements... It really is like having a personal coach on an extended smartphone.

Edge 1030 Plus

In short: High functionality, sophisticated processing technology, loads of performance metrics, and a massive screen.

Price: 17.490.000 VND

Weight: 123g

Battery Life: up to 20 hours², extendable up to 40 hours with the optional Garmin Charge™ power pack




+Best in Class Navigation




The Garmin Edge 1030 until recently sat atop the brand's product range, boasting significant features and a distinctive look. The brand has since lifted the veil on a new Edge 1030 Plus, which boasts a new chipset and Trailforks integration.

Garmin has worked hard to make the Edge 1030 Plus a plug-and-play unit, so even though it's dripping with functionality, like the rest of the high-end models, it is a breeze to get going with it.

The feature list does seem pretty similar to that of the Edge 1000 and Edge 820 and 830, but the biggest assets are in the processing technology, with the speed of response, clarity, and stability all top-notch.

The Edge 1030 Plus is loaded with Garmin Cycle maps, including Trendline Routing (a bit like Strava heat maps for Garmin with the most popular cycling on and off-road route options), inter-Garmin messaging along with a list of pre-created messages that you can send to your buddies. Advanced navigational features such as Off-Course Recalculation help with getting adventurous and being able to navigate back to course when you’d like.

It offers almost universal connectivity to smart trainers, power meters, Strava Live Segments, and your phone, for text, email handling, etc., which means there's not a lot the Edge 1030 Plus can't do, except push on the pedals for you.

Now, you may obviously use your phone to navigate as well as use it for GPS mapping your rides, however, once you start riding longer than two hours, a cycling computer becomes somewhat of a necessity. Not just to track your ride, but to ensure you pace yourself and monitor your efforts continuously. It's also safer to have your Edge on you and connected to your smartphone during the entire duration of your ride. Have questions about if you really need a cycling computer or which one you need? Get in touch with us!

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