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Diving Deeper 

Road Bikes/TT Bikes :

899,000 VND 

VND Urban/Mountain Bikes: 699,000 VND

StripDown Service

Road Bikes/TT Bikes :

2,499,000 VND

Urban/Mountain Bikes: 

1,499,000 VND





Bicycle Service 



A product of individuals fulfilling their purpose of perpetuating the love for bicycles and cycling in general.

RideBikes.cc is a hub for beginner and discerning cyclists to get skilled and professional service, bike fitting, apparel, products, nutrition, and knowledge to help improve and enhance their overall cycling experience.

We're serious about our passion for riding bikes but very importantly don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We believe cycling should be fun, vibrant, creative, and exciting and everyone should be able to make a well-informed decision about their cycling purchases not based on what works for professionals or what marketing teams say is best

but based entirely on YOUR cycling needs to fulfill your 

expectations from this beautiful lifestyle choice of cycling. 


We're not all about suffering. We're not about machismo. We're all about having a good time on two wheels and firmly

believe that every cyclist should be able to make a well-informed and educated decision for their cycling needs. 

We only recommend products that we have tried, tested, and loved while riding our bikes! 

Based in Hanoi 

Serving all over Việt Nam.