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The Why


"The meaning of life

is to find your gift.

The purpose of life

is to give it away." 

The quote above is claimed to be penned by Pablo Picasso, however we're not entirely certain. Regardless of the original author, 

it explains what drives us. 

Our Why is simple.

To get people excited to ride bikes and educate them adequately to help them decide what's best for their cycling needs based on what we've learned along the way

Being cyclists, we understand your needs well, as at some point, we've all faced what you're facing today. 



It's because we're serious about our passion for

riding bikes but very importantly

don't take ourselves too seriously. 

We believe cycling should be fun, exciting, creative,

an extension of the riders' personality, a healthy lifestyle and everything that a cyclist wants it to be. 

We're not entirely about suffering.

Neither are we only in it "only" for the machismo. 

We're all about riding bikes and having fun. 

Moreover, we find this to be deeply fulfilling

and meaningful work. 

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